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Perfect Balance of Mindfulness + Music 

"I found these guided meditations to be really helpful for de-stressing and getting started with mindfulness practice. Cahoon has a beautiful voice (obviously from her singing career) but she also is a great composer for both the music on tracks and the guided meditations. There are both short pieces and longer ones for in-depth meditation sittings."

Don't look back

letting go

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This soulful creation was inspired by life transforming events. Contemporary jazz genre.



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A relaxing collection of meditations & healing music written & produced by Alana. Available on:



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don't look back

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Providing a holistic approach to

Transition, Leadership & Entrepreneurship through creative coaching & guided meditation bringing balance to the

body, mind & spirit.

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iTunes Review

"Alana Cahoon's new effort is smooth and very easy on the ears. She has a strong voice that she puts to good use on these songs. The opening title song has some of Sade's polished warmth. The version of the oft-covered "Fever" sounds fresh and cool in her capable hands. "Suu Kyi" is a funky tribute to the heroic An San Suu Kyi that resonates deeply. Alana Cahoon has made a strong album."
- S Jarnell, Ectophiles' Guide​