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Providing a holistic approach to 
Transition, Leadership & Entrepreneurship through creative coaching & guided meditation bringing balance to the body, mind & spirit.
Follow your dreams. Spread your wings & fly!
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"If you're seeking an opportunity for peace from the challenges of the day, you owe it to yourself to have this guided meditation program for your wellness and growth. Imagine letting go and returning to that wonderful person inside...You. This helps me to be clear and centered as I move through my day with passion and purpose. I wonder what it will do for you."
- Amazon Reviews

"Thank you for an amazing transformation and for a chance to truly enjoy this holiday season You have been a treasured gift!"
- Janine

"All the answers are here. Thank you, Alana."

- Lillian

“During the healing session, Alana helped me find the connection between my psyche and my breast cancer — helped me begin to uncover and identify the unconscious forces that caused the tumor to form. It was an intense spiritual, psychic, and emotional experience.”
- Vera

“My life was out of control. Now, I’m in control. Instead of running from one activity to the next, I am present and able to appreciate those magical moments that I may have missed.”
- Nancy

“After yoga w/Alana, I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in years. My chiropractor hadn’t seen me in such good form since we started working together - I didn’t even need an adjustment!”
- Theresa

"I was fortunate to be part of this absolutely amazing weekend. The program was insightful and location was stunning. If you need time for self-reflection, relaxation and rejuvenation, I'd highly recommend you be on the lookout for the next retreat. Alana Cahoon inspired me to stretch my body and mind."
- Marianne 

“Imagine what it feels like having a gentle river of peace coursing through your body with the optimal level of warmth and sense of security for you are in the presence of a true healer.”
- Bob

“As a Reiki Master myself, I understand the value of the healing gifts Alana provides. I can feel the energy flowing from her hands, and I look forward to hearing about the intuitive imagery that she receives as she does her work. Every session is an opportunity for me to relax and turn off the noise of everyday life. It is my time to check-in with the universe and to receive guidance about where I am at on my life’s journey.” 
- Lorraine

"A Perfect Balance of Mindfulness + Music: I found these guided meditations to be really helpful for de-stressing and getting started with mindfulness practice. Cahoon has beautiful voice (obviously from her singing career) but she also is a great composer for both the music on tracks and the guided meditations. There are both shot pieces and longer one for in-depth meditation sittings. 

The Music Monkey iTunes

“Alana has a very calming energy about her that is very magnetic.”

"After a healing session with Alana, I felt relaxed and experienced more mental clarity. Alana's intuitive sense helped me find solutions to questions that had been on my mind."
- Peggy

"Alana is very gifted with guided meditation. She has a way of teaching her students how to go inward and feel peace.... Which affects everything."
- Kathy

Providing a holistic approach to Transition, Leadership & Entrepreneurship through creative coaching & guided meditation



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