Six Circles
of Mindfulness

Living Life Fully Through Present Moment Awareness

An 8-Module LIVE Online Course and Practical Journey with Colin Chenery

Counselor, Coach and Founder of Six Circles of Mindfulness

Discover essential practices for cultivating and integrating mindful presence to enhance your innate qualities that open you to living more freely and authentically.

Imagine living from deep inner peace while being fully present with daily and life challenges, conflicts and change.

What if this same sense of being, empowers a more inspiring experience in your daily life, for cultivating a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with yourself and others, in both your personal and business relationships?

Imagine being consistently less prone to reactions and more likely to act and speak from heart-felt values rather than saying or doing things you regret later.

Feeling more free and connected to your own authenticity and integrity, provides more energy and vitality, when that energy isn't lost to stress.

This also connects you to more peace, joy and wellness to get more out of the life you have and to create the life you want.

The problem is endless cycles of distractions and demands that modern culture serves up daily, competing to take us away from our deeper being.

Despite our best intentions, feeding our roles and responsibilities is like feeding a hungry wolf.

The reason is that in our efforts to ‘be more’ and ‘do more’, we get entangled in the machinations of our busy lives and lose touch with our essential nature.

Cycles of tension and compromise make it increasingly difficult to find the space and place of inner-being that you intuitively know is there.  

Accumulating mental, emotional and physical stress combine with unconscious inner personal barriers to dropping into our depth and wholeness, and creating what we truly want. 

This impacts all aspects of life, limiting your potential, vitality, and creativity.

A new dimension in your awareness can reset your approach to living from a deepening sense of self.  Powerful choices and positive shifts are directly and intimately available to you!

It takes the right practice, or mental training, to recognise and effectively implement new possibilities.

When you consciously integrate what I call ‘Six Circles of Mindfulness’, you bring a continually refreshed and vital sense of self and life into each moment. You approach life more creatively and gain a new level of fulfillment by bringing more ‘being’ into ‘doing’.

That’s why I created “The Six Circles of Mindfulness” program.  You are guided through a practical framework for identifying and releasing inner barriers, cultivating greater awareness and presence, while redefining your values and vision, to live more authentically and freely.

My promise is you will experience a shift in perspective and capacity for experiencing abiding peace, joy, and grace, no matter what life challenges bring. 


By the end of this course, you’ll experience:

  •  experience more choice around perceptions and emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.
  • develop new skills and awareness around regulating your energy and wellbeing
  • realize your next level in living your ideals, and the power of aligning values to your actions
  • manage stress better and bring more heart-felt presence to challenges or painful experiences
  • deepen your sense of meaning and purpose in daily life and making a difference to others.

Whether you've been putting others or your business first and you're ready to do more of what you love, or you've been building your own empire and now are ready to give back, this will help you align with your highest inspiration.

My Personal Story

One of the most challenging times in my life began with the lead up and death of my mother to cancer.  It felt like a premature loss of a close and influential friend and parent. Thankfully, my marriage, beautiful family, success in a mission-driven business, along with deep spiritual convictions, helped me deal with it meaningfully.

Then a series of events changed everything even more.  My business came under malicious legal attack,  an eight year battle wearing down energy, focus, the business, business partner relationships, personal expenses and more.  Additionally, multiple diverse personal financial investments all went under, burning personal savings and assets. My wife being one of the business partners, meant we shared in all the burdens of personal and business life. What we worked hard to create, crumbled around us.  The relentless pressure on our relationship led to an eventual marriage meltdown.

This time I really struggled to feel anything else but devastated. In the aftermath, I focused on supporting my two youngest children to complete schooling and begin establishing their independence, my oldest already well into that stage. 

Then it was starting over again for me as well, both inside myself and literally in a worldly sense. 

The next few years were soul-searching as I traveled through India, China, and Japan, gradually consolidating my life lessons and knowledge, reassessing my life direction, while I did mountain retreats and treks, yoga teacher training and martial arts training. Something began to stand out to me.

The passion for life, to take it all on as an adventure, was not the part of me that was in pain and in need of healing.  An inner presence inside was the key to indestructible wholeness, to living with connection, fulfillment and being of value. It provided for my ability to be present, objectively aware of my own thoughts and feelings, as well as the situation around me with patience, insight, and empathy. 

It empowered my resilience and aspirations, my life roles, in leadership, being supportive and collaborative with others.  It helped my creative thinking and decision-making.  Mindful presence became front-and-center as my constant in a life of changes. Combined with relevant skill sets, mindful presence contributed greatly to getting on with life, enjoying the highs and getting through the tough times.

I am thankful for my years of formal and informal practices, personal experience and cultivation of mindful presence that have provided a resilient means to a ‘fullness of being’ in the toughest of moments, while enriching everyday moments and life experiences.  My years of practice and being put to life tests, has shown me that there is a means of empowering your connection from within to all things that is the indestructible vitality of your love and passion for life.

Out of my own journey has come a mindfulness approach, to assist people to bring inner being more fully into their lives in times of success and loss or challenge. This holistic approach cultivates presence mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I invite you to come on a journey with me to empower your own life adventure in an experiential and practical 'Six Circles of Mindfulness' program.


What People Are Saying

“Colin is a man of great character, remarkable engagement, leadership and coaching skills who has contributed much through his work with me and many others.”

Peter Mylonas

President and Founder of the World Martial Arts Championships (WMAC, AMAC) and Kempo Ryu International Karate Organization

“I value Colin's professional, calm and confidential manner in his work with me and my beautiful family. I would recommend Colin to anyone facing conflict in themselves or in their relationships with loved ones.”

Mina Hunt

Queensland, Australia

"Colin has provided some memorable and transformative moments in his trainings and retreats. He walks his talk, empowering people to bring greater self awareness and alignment of personal values into action and all aspects of life."

Erin Ely

Oregon, USA

“Colin's insights, empathy and engagement has been transformational for many individuals and has helped me identify ‘unconscious behaviors‘ and enhanced how I meet life challenges.”

Stephen Shanahan

Melbourne, Australia

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Module 1

THE POWER OF PRESENCE: Cultivating Deep Awareness for a Life of Grace.

What is the power of presence?  Presence is not an answer to all issues, however it is associated with resolving the root cause of many of our life struggles.  It is a powerful approach to awareness and expression of our true inner nature.  In this module, you will discover:

  • What Mindfulness is and isn’t
  • How to distinguish between experience and ‘experiencer’
  • How to turn challenges into transformation

Module 2

THE FIRST CIRCLE OF MINDFULNESS: Using Sensory Awareness for Personal Growth

This module explores how sensory awareness can distance you from presence or alternatively, become a portal for personal transformation.  We will explore associations between sensory experience and conditioning, meditation on the senses and sense objects. You’ll discover:

  • How to use sensory awareness as a foundation towards mindfulness
  • How to use affirmations as a ‘pattern interrupt’ to immediately shift focus and perception
  • What are key the principles of practicing mindful presence

Module 3

THE SECOND CIRCLE OF MINDFULNESS: Cultivating the Intellect as a Servant, not a Master

In this module you will explore key thought patterns and narratives and how they become conditioned beliefs, perceptions, and projections of self.  You will explore your relationship to intellect, and practices to create more choice around thinking, behavior, and perspectives. You’ll discover:

  • How to give yourself more space for conscious and creative thoughts.
  • A Four-step activity for identifying and clearing conditioning of the intellect
  • How to experience thoughts as objects of meditation, shifting attention from content to context

Module 4

THE THIRD CIRCLE OF MINDFULNESS: Achieving Emotional Balance and Integration

In this module, we’ll look at our relationship to our ‘emotional self’ and feeling presence, exploring emotional awareness, emotional intelligence, and emotional conditioning. This helps you go deeper into presence, integrating emotions to create a richer and more tangible experience. You will discover:

  • How to decode emotional identification and conditioning
  • How to enhance emotional awareness, acceptance, authenticity, and creativity
  • How to have more access to feeling deep abiding love, peace, and joy

Module 5

THE FOURTH CIRCLE OF MINDFULNESS: Extending consciousness and embodying inner qualities through the body

Body identity can be dominating and a defining factor in experiencing ourselves as separate from each other and our external reality. Yet the body can also be a portal for becoming more attuned to what connects us. Inner body awareness can enhance how we consciously feel loving awareness and vitality. You’ll discover:

  • How mindful presence can be felt and intensified through inner body awareness
  • How self-image and body-image affect embodying presence
  • What are the different ways of experiencing time

Module 6

THE FIFTH CIRCLE OF MINDFULNESS: Discovering Personal Presence

This module builds on previous ones to focus on a deeply personal and experiential sense of ourselves and presence. Journey towards a profound and intimate engagement in living essence that nourishes you in every way and is available every moment. You’ll also discover:

  • What is beyond thought, feeling and physical sensation
  • How to consciously engage insight, self-love, intention, and values into action
  • What are the keys to cultivating authentic Love, Peace and Compassion

Module 7

THE SIXTH CIRCLE OF MINDFULNESS: Experiencing and Personalizing Universal Presence

This module explores our connection to life around us, the significance and approach to including this in the personal experience of mindful presence. Developing your awareness of Universal Presence is personal, spiritual and can become the most deeply significant and transformative Circle of Mindfulness. You’ll discover:

  • How to access Universal Presence as your own living experience
  • How to align Personal and Universal presence for flow and synchronicity
  • How to cultivate your own sense of sacredness and profoundness in life

Module 8

BEYOND THE SIX CIRCLES: Integrating Presence

This final module is about integration and application of what you have gained from the Six Circles journey. How do all Six Circles of Mindfulness impact your journey? You will develop and set an intention and strategies in moving forwards in the aspects of life important to you.  You’ll discover:

  • Your strategies for embodying your vision of personal and global awakening
  • Your priorities for cultivating ‘values in action’ in adversity and harmony
  • How you will integrate presence into daily life and relationships

More Praise For Colin

“Competent and well-respected, Colin is an invaluable asset through his teaching and coaching.”

Brendon Samin

Founder and Principal (Ret.) of Australasian Martial Arts Studies, High Master of Bu Di Zhen Kung Fu, Writer and Entertainer

“Colin has provided some unforgettable and transformational experiences. The Six Circles is an exceptional resource for anyone seeking insight, helpful tools and support. Thank you, Colin!”

Alison Price

Creator/Owner at Organic Glow

“In this program Colin Chenery brings his mindfulness approach to life, taking you through an understanding and experience of key aspects of mindfulness and key principles of self-awareness in a step-by-step process of alignment, focus, joy, and love in action.”

Daniel Aaron

Author and Founder of The Art of Spiritual Leadership

“This informative and insightful program is a life-changing journey in how you manage your worldly life from your inner life. In this respect it is easily applicable to just about any aspect of life, including high level professionals and entrepreneurs who are values-driven."

Adam Houlahan

Founder & CEO Prominence Global, International Best-Selling Author


A Transformational Course and a Community!

Living fully from mindful presence with purpose and authentic values can be the most powerful decision and use of attention you can make. It can be simple, but developing consistency and quality moment-to-moment mindfulness over time is an ongoing and challenging journey rather than a destination. Enormous benefit and fulfillment comes in sharing challenges and transformations with like-minded others.

To get the most of this program, access support and a shared connection with others on the same path.

When you register for the The Six Circles of Mindfulness 8-week online program, you'll be linked in to the inspiration and vibrance of ongoing interaction with others in a private group just for participants of the course and Colin. Contribute and receive support and inspiration by sharing your questions, insights and response to elements of the program along the way.

Here’s What You will Receive in this Program

  • 8-Week Video Course - Weekly pre-recorded tuition video’s designed to help you cultivate a progressively deeper experience of mindfulness through the Six Circles approach.
  • Live Coaching and Q&A Sessions - Weekly live sessions with Colin that are also recorded for ongoing access and to make sure you don’t miss anything.
  • Access to Your Own Six Circle Mindfulness website - Easy interaction and access to Six Circle resources, bonuses and program components.
  • Guided Meditations and Practices - You have access to all seven guided meditation audio’s that are foundational to the Six Circle Mindfulness program.  These feature Riley Lee, Grandmaster of the Shakuhachi flute.

Course Bonuses

Early Bird Registration Offer: Free 1-1 Session with Colin

This gifted session for early registration participants will be scheduled during the program. With years of experience in counseling and coaching, Colin can hone in and provide value towards whatever your life priorities are, as well as how you can personally apply mindfulness to key points specific for you, and get the most out of the 8-week program. This provides a full hour of time focused on your own personal journey in addition to the group sessions in the program. Closes midnight Sunday, September 18th.

A Body scan and auto-suggestion relaxation audio

This is based on the process taught by Swami Vishnudevananda, founder of the International Sivananda Vedanta Centers and Ashrams.

Mindfulness Audio Tools and Visualizations

A series of audio processes based on evidence-based and mindfulness-based therapy tools are included in this mindfulness tool box for quick one to three minute reset exercises, and a visualization for observing and clearing the mind.

Six Circles of Mindfulness Workbook

While some of the activities and processes from this workbook are included in the course, this workbook will help you to go through the full process in the Six Circles of Mindfulness activities in your own time in a fillable pdf workbook.

An Introduction to Qigong mini-course

This is a four-part introductory video course taking you through the fundamentals of qigong and teaching you a quick six-exercise sequence of breath and mindfulness movement practice for health and wellbeing that you can do daily.

A recorded discussion between Colin and Riley Lee

Riley Lee was the first non-Japanese to attain the rank of dai shihan or Grand Master of the Shakuhachi bamboo flute and now is a consummate teacher, performer and collaborator with other musicians of all genres. Riley features in the Six Circles Guided Meditations and in this interview he discusses connections between the music, breath and mindfulness.

Bonus Graduate Follow-up Session

An opportunity will be provided to take part in a graduate follow-up video-conference call 4-6 weeks after the program to review and check-in with participants.  This helps with general support, reinforcing ongoing value and application of action plans and program take-aways, and providing motivation for your own practice through re-connecting and sharing with others.

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Course begins Wednesday, October 5th in USA and Thursday, October 6th in Australia


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About Colin

COLIN CHENERY has forty years experience as a practitioner, therapist and business operator in the wellness and wellbeing arena. He is the author of the Amazon best selling book Six Circles of Mindfulness and teaches breath and mindful movement incorporating qigong and yoga. Having raised his family on the Gold Coast, Australia, he now travels regularly within Australia and overseas. Colin works with individuals and groups from a mindfulness-based approach, also teaching martial arts and meditation.


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