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3 Keys for

Cultivating Mindful Presence in Uncertain Times

Discover the 3 essential principles for integrating presence into your daily experience to open you to living freely, authentically and compassionately.

USA: Wednesday, September 14, 2022 - 7:00pm ET, 6:00pm T, 4:00pm PT

Australia: Thursday, September 15, 2022 - 10:00am AEST, 9:30am ACT, 7:00am AWST

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Colin Chenery

Counselor, Coach and Founder of Six Circles of Mindfulness

Imagine living from deep inner peace while being fully present with daily and life challenges, conflicts and change.

Wouldn’t it feel wonderful to effectively energize yourself in body and mind, also bringing an enriched quality of presence and authenticity into each day?

The challenge is distraction and fatigue from demands, neglecting aspects of self, such as health, mental or spiritual well-being.

Feeding identity projects, roles, and responsibilities can be like feeding a hungry wolf. Cycles of tension and compromise draw us from the fullness of inner being available each moment.

We are not taught how to nurture our inner being while taking on life with both hands. This limits how much we embody potential, vitality, and creativity in all aspects of our life.

There is a way to powerfully bring more ‘being’ into ‘doing‘. This can be the key to embodying your ideals more fully and addressing areas of stress, chronic neglect or compromise.

That’s why I created “The Three Keys to Cultivating Mindful Presence”. These are the foundational keys to activate the power of mindful presence.

In this online workshop you will gain a deeper understanding of:

Key #1: You are Not the Contents of Your Experience

How to give yourself more space to process thoughts and feelings from peace and balance.

Key #2: Accept the Full Spectrum of Your Experience

Experience greater acceptance and resilience in accommodating positive and negative experiences.

Key #3: The Power of Clarity and Alignment Through Values-Based Choices and Actions

Create authenticity of meaning, purpose and harmony within and in your life.

We will explore evidence-based ways for developing psychological flexibility and choice, instead of psychological rigidity and negative loops, in achieving and integrating these three keys.

I’d love you to join me with other like-minded people from around the world in this free and insightful training experience to learn how to integrate mindful presence more fully into all aspects of your life.

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What People Are Saying

Dr. Suzanne Buffie

Chiropractor and Creator of The Fasting Solution

“Colin was my first introduction to mindfulness practice. The simple concepts and techniques he taught me have had a huge impact on my life and my health. I am forever grateful for his teachings and I highly recommend him!”


Daniel Aaron

Author and Founder of The Art of Spiritual Leadership

“Colin brings his mindfulness approach to life, taking you through an understanding and experience of key aspects of mindfulness and key principles of self-awareness in a step-by-step process of alignment, focus, joy, and love in action.”

Alison Price

Karuna Reiki Master

“Colin has provided some unforgettable and transformational experiences. He is an exceptional resource for anyone seeking insight, helpful tools and support. Thank you, Colin!”

About Colin Chenery

COLIN CHENERY has forty years experience as a practitioner, therapist and business operator in the wellness and wellbeing arena. He is the author of the Amazon best selling book Six Circles of Mindfulness and teaches breath and mindful movement incorporating qigong and yoga.

Having raised his family on the Gold Coast, Australia, he now travels regularly within Australia and overseas. Colin works with individuals and groups from a mindfulness-based approach, also teaching martial arts and meditation.

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