Meditation Made Simple: Online Course

With the many distractions in the 21st-century, sometimes it is challenging to simply be present. 

Meditation can be your sanctuary, the place where you get centered, where you regenerate your energy reserve, where you access your inner source of wisdom.

This course is about introducing a variety of styles for you to explore so that you can discover which style is best for you at any given time.

For the beginner, you may be wondering if it's even possible for you to meditate. Of course it is!

No. You don't have to be a yogi. You don't have to be from a specific part of the world. And you don't have to join a religion.

All you really need is to have the desire to get balance back into your life.

For current meditators, this reviews the foundation of sitting. It may even introduce you to new ways of meditating.  

Some of the benefits you may experience are feeling a sense of ease, calm, clarity, bliss, transcendence, and being grounded, centered or balanced.

Here’s to reclaiming balance, joy, and peace of mind in your every day life.

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What People Are Saying:

"What a wonderful course to walk you through how to begin to meditate. MEDITATION MADE SIMPLE covers all aspects of the practice in a clear, concise manner. It helps you to understand the basics of meditation and mindfulness and how to bring them into your life."

Brenda Comisar, Finance Manager, Xerox

$297.00 USD