Meditation Made Simple: 7 Steps to Create Calm & Clarity FREE Ebook

With the many distractions in the 21st century, sometimes it is challenging to simply be present. 

Meditation can be your sanctuary, the place where you get centered, where you regenerate your energy reserve, where you access your inner source of wisdom.

What's inside:

  • Learn how to create a quiet zone to support your practice
  • Discover how to meditate anytime anywhere
  • Explore a variety of meditations from 1-minute to 25-minutes

Alana Cahoon introduces you to a variety of meditative styles and techniques for you to experience an inner sense of calm and knowing.

These steps will support your current meditation practice or help to get you started!

Here's to reclaiming balance, joy and peace of mind in your ever day life.

All content provided in this book is for informational purposes only.

What People Are Saying:

Meditation Made Simple is easy to read and understand, clear and concise. It is the only book you will ever need and is written by the most talented and gifted instructor, teacher and mentor. It is a must have for everyone!

Lily Baronas, MD