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A Holistic Wellness Journey for High Achieving Women

4 month private coaching

Are you craving a revitalized sense of energy, vitality, and inner radiance? 

Through personalized coaching, tailored strategies, and nurturing support, Radiant Vitality empowers you to:

  • Boost Your Energy: Say goodbye to fatigue and hello to boundless energy. We'll explore lifestyle changes, nutrition strategies, and holistic practices to revitalize your body and mind.Enhance Your Vitality: 
  • Enhance Your Vitality: Experience a renewed sense of vitality and well-being. Our program guides you through mindfulness techniques, stress management tools, and self-care practices to rejuvenate your spirit and restore balance.

  •  Cultivate Inner Radiance: Discover the beauty that radiates from within. With our guidance, you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, unlocking your true potential and embracing your unique beauty.

But that's not all. In our program, you’ll be led by Mindfulness Coach, Alana Cahoon, a guide who merges business acumen with intuitive healing. 

You'll also receive:

  1. Personalized Roadmap: Navigate your transformation with a personalized guide, crafted to lead you toward fulfillment. Identify areas in your life ready for nurturing and growth.
  2. Unveil Your Life Vision: Craft a vision that ignites your passion and fuels success in every aspect of life—financial, spiritual, and physical.
  3. Overcome Roadblocks: Identify and dismantle barriers standing between you and your aspirations with Alana's expertise, guiding you to stride confidently toward your goals.
  4. Inner Wisdom and Clarity: Tap into your innate wisdom and gain the clarity needed to navigate your journey. Through introspection and guidance, uncover the insights necessary to guide your path forward.

Join us on this transformative journey to Radiant Vitality and awaken the vibrant, radiant woman within you. It's time to thrive and shine like never before.

What You’ll Get:

  • Exploratory Session: Get started with an in-depth discussion about your current situation and aspirations.
  • Foundational Session (90 minutes): Define your vision, goals, and success criteria. Lay the groundwork for our collaborative journey. 
    • In this session we’ll create your own Personal Roadmap. This will serve as a comprehensive plan to guide our work together and track our progress towards your goals.
    • Your personal development plan is yours to keep! This  tangible guide is your companion to navigate your transformational journey and maintain momentum towards your ideal life.
  • Biweekly Coaching Sessions (6 sessions over 3 months): Dive deep into personalized coaching sessions, each lasting 60 minutes, designed to help you overcome obstacles and make meaningful progress.
  • Resources: Gain access to curated resources, including guided meditations, exercises, and tools to support your growth and development.
  • Ongoing Support: Stay connected between sessions with limited email and text, ensuring you have the guidance and encouragement you need every step of the way. 


Wait ... There's more! You also receive FREE membership to the:


Led by Alana Cahoon, a trusted influencer in self-growth, this group offers guided discussions and group coaching sessions tailored to support each member's journey. Gain invaluable wisdom and experience from Alana and fellow members as you strive towards natural abundance in health, wealth, and happiness.

This is an exclusive opportunity to join a private group that meets every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month, providing ongoing support and encouragement on your path to fulfillment.

Celebrate your friendships and achievements with the Pure Life Retreat!


You'll also gain FREE access to: 

Creating Abundance Online Program 

Across 7 immersive modules, you'll explore self-discovery and gain powerful tools for a harmonious, fulfilling life.

Step-by-step, you'll:

  • Set meaningful goals
  • Learn stress-management techniques for success
  • Cultivate natural abundance and wealth
  • Boost energy and optimism through nutrition, exercise, and yoga
  • Achieve work-life balance
  • Elevate goals to the next level
  • Create a personalized, feasible plan for your abundant future. 

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What People Are Saying:

Alana's coaching practice has been invaluable in building my business and helping manage my work-family balance. She is patient, yet purposeful, and has opened my eyes to the extreme benefits of meditation, journaling and gratitude. I am forever indebted!

Nancy Woolver, Financial Advisor, New York Life

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