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I’m excited and delighted that you have said yes to be a support partner for my 7- week online event coming up starting on October 6th:

Being in Balance


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7-Week Course Sample Email/Newsletter Copy

Subject Line options (choose one or make one up!): 

    • ONLINE COURSE: Being In Balance with Alana Cahoon
    • 7 Week Online Course - Being In Balance with Alana Cahoon
    • Being In Balance with Alana Cahoon
    • Consciously Creating Abundant Health, Wealth and Happiness in Your Life 
    • Course Launch: Being In Balance with Alana Cahoon

Email Body Example:

If you're like me, you aspire to achieve balance in your personal and professional life. Making time for your health and fitness.  Being happy and financially flourishing, while expressing your creative nature.

But the 24/7 culture prevents this and leads us to a lack of focus, self care, and productivity.

You may be feeling this way yourself. If so this course is a perfect opportunity for you to claim yourself as a top priority.

Join my friend & colleague, Alana Cahoon’s 7-week LIVE online, Being in Balance course [<--EMBED YOUR UNIQUE AFFILIATE LINK IN THE TITLE HERE - then delete this instruction before sending to your audience] and discover:

  • How to access your inner source of wisdom.
  • Clarity in living your life purpose intentionally and joyfully.
  • Increased vitality through self awareness, stress reduction and exercise.
  • The power of setting healthy boundaries around your time and energy reserve.
  • The magic behind the law of attraction and realization of your goals.

This interactive course is based on the work that Alana has done with clients for over a decade; and includes 7 powerful live course sessions, 14 tutorial videos, weekly course materials, and live group coaching and Q&A sessions.

I invite you to join like-minded individuals to bring balance back into your life, attracting an open flow of health, wealth, and happiness. Go here to learn more and register: Being in Balance [<--EMBED YOUR UNIQUE AFFILIATE LINK HERE - then delete this instruction]


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P.S. There are some very special bonuses included within this course that you don't want to miss out on.  Register now. [<--EMBED UNIQUE AFFILIATE LINK HERE]


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Sample Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram Posts 

Example #1: 

Stressed out? Check out this 7-week online course ‘Being in Balance’ from my friend and mindfulness coach, Alana Cahoon. She shares effective tools to help you bring balance back into your life, naturally. Register here: [Add in your unique affiliate link here]

#Balance #Harmony #SelfCare #Mindfulness #EffectiveTools #OnlineCourse #BurntOut #Vitality #AlanaCahoon

Example #2: 

My friend & colleague Alana Cahoon is offering a new LIVE 7-week online course ‘Being in Balance’. With over a decade of experience, she’ll show you how to bring balance to your life. Sign up here, it’s so worth it: [Add in your unique affiliate link here]

#Balance #Harmony #SelfCare #Mindfulness #EffectiveTools #OnlineCourse #BurntOut #Vitality #AlanaCahoon

Sample Twitter Posts 

Example #1:

A 7-week LIVE online course for tapped-out individuals. Get simple tools for bringing balance back into your life. [Add in your unique affiliate link here]

Example #2:

Discover the secrets to living a balanced life of clarity, vitality and success. A 7-week LIVE online course to learn the ‘3 Ways of Being’ for accessing your inner wisdom to live a life of clarity, vitality, and creative success. [Add in your unique affiliate link here]