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Are you a busy, motivated woman craving more energy, vitality, and a sense of inner and outer beauty?

You're in the right place.  Our holistic coaching approach is tailored specifically for ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs like you who are ready to prioritize self-care, set boundaries, and reclaim their glow. 


Together we'll explore personalized strategies to boost your energy, enhance your well-being, and cultivate a radiant presence that reflects your inner strength and beauty while growing your wealth. 

Say goodbye to burnout and hello to a life filled with vitality, harmony, and confidence. Let's embark on this transformative journey together!

Our¬†coaching programs are¬†designed specifically for you, to help you reclaim your glow and embrace a life filled with vibrancy and beauty‚ÄĒboth inside and out.



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"Alana's coaching practice has been invaluable in building my business and helping manage my work-family balance. She is patient, yet purposeful, and has opened my eyes to the extreme benefits of meditation, journaling and gratitude. I am forever indebted!"

-  Nancy Woolver, Financial Advisor, New York Life

“Alana is a life saver, literally. the most trustworthy, reliable, compassionate person I know who provides guidance and comfort like no one else. She is the one person I can trust and rely on in a crazy, unreliable and ever-changing world.”

‚Äč- Lily Baronas, MD

"The meditations are the most valuable tool. The insight and direction helps me to be clear. Talking through things versus thinking in a bubble has been very helpful. I now have deeper conversations with my colleagues and employees."

- Ted Plenge, CEO, EyeOn Digital Marketing 


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The ‘live’ online courses are a hybrid of both live interactive teachings via the internet, as well as a library of content for you to access.

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"BEING IN BALANCE was the perfect course to help me realign my thoughts to connect with my highest intentions. I am still applying the simple, effective tips into my daily life - and am feeling more optimistic and calm about my future. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to rebalance their life."

-  April Folta Lara, Author / Speaker / Educator

"What a wonderful course to walk you through how to begin to meditate. MEDITATION MADE SIMPLE covers all aspects of the practice in a clear, concise manner. It helps you to understand the basics of meditation and mindfulness and how to bring them into your life."

‚Äč- Brenda Comisar, Finance Manager, Xerox

#1 Amazon Bestseller

"MINDFULNESS, MANTRAS & MEDITATIONS gives the reader a complete set of tools to align mind and body, and fill you with a strong sense of inner peace. The underlying theme is a deep knowledge of what it means to work toward goals, and learn to accept ourselves for the beautiful, perfect, unique beings we are."

- Velvet Spicer, journalist

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