Body Mind Connection


A Holistic Approach to Weight Loss and Body Image

An 8-Module Online Program with  Alana Cahoon 

Founder of Grow 2 B U, LLC 

Discover the Core Steps to shift your mindset and shape your body into your own physical masterpiece!

You’re striving to embrace each day feeling physically fit and filled with vitality.

If you’re like me you aspire to achieve optimal health by nurturing your body with wholesome foods and engaging in activities that excite you.

But the challenge lies in time constraints, making it seem like another item to add to your to-do list.

Imagine feeling strong, sexy and vibrant every day!

Picture the satisfaction of confidently fitting into your clothes, turning heads as you walk.

You may think you have to carve out time to get fit. The truth is, it’s simple. All it takes is a commitment to self improvement. 


As you start exercising and nourishing your body with nutrients, your life will awaken, and you’ll experience a burst of newfound energy. This vitality will infuse happiness into your life.

You’ll actually find that you have more time to do the things you love, like spending quality time with friends and loved ones. Shopping for new trends. Traveling to exotic places. Spending a week on a luxury cruise. 

Prioritize yourself by shifting from overthinking to embracing your body.  

It's time to make YOU a priority. It is time to get out of your head and into your body.

The way is clear, and this transformation is achievable for you. I’ve successfully guided numerous clients along this path to abundant health.

That’s why I created the Body Mind Connection program, to help you navigate a myriad of diets and exercise routines to find what works with your body, inspiring you to be excited by your new sense of health and wellness.

In this 8-week transformative journey you will discover how to prioritize your SELF and develop a new relationship with your body, treating her or him like your best friend.  

I promise you will find time for yourself, and make your physical, emotional, and spiritual health a priority.  


In this program you will discover:

  • Your unique body-mind type and how you respond to food
  • The 7 W’s of Eating
  • Identifying an exercise or movement that excites you
  • Removing blocks keeping you from your healthiest self

You'll acquire a potent toolkit to infuse balance and fulfillment into your daily life, fostering inner peace and external joy.

By the end of this course, you’ll experience:

  • A weight management plan that applies to your own rhythms
  • Heightened self value
  • Increased vitality through self awareness, stress reduction and exercise
  • How to shift your mindset into the realization of your goals

In your newfound state of vitality, you will live intentionally, creating an abundance of health, wealth, and happiness while synchronizing your relationship with both your body and the world around you.

My Personal Story

One of the most challenging times in my life began when I was as an aspiring actress and singer in NYC. After nearly every audition, I heard the same thing. 

“You’re not young enough. You’re not blonde enough, tall enough or thin enough.”

I was devastated.

I even ran into to a woman who remembered me from an audition. She recalled my ‘impressive monologue’ and was shocked to get the role herself.

I wasn’t surprised.

She was tall, blonde and thin.

There was nothing I could do about my height unless I walked around in heals all day. I had no interest in becoming a blonde. And my age, well, on paper I suppose it could be fudged, but not in reality.

What I could alter was my weight. I tried every diet that existed. None of them worked.

 I was inspired then to explore holistic health even more deeply. I became certified as a natural health professiona. I studied Ayurveda, and learned that our bodies are uniquely different, each and every one dancing to our own rhythm.

Out of my own journey has come a mindfulness approach to assist people like you to start where you are with self acceptance and to trust that you can feel and look amazing in your own skin.

This holistic approach to weight loss and body image brings awareness to one’s body and mind, creating a safe space for your emotions where you can cultivate self love.

Developing a positive mindset is the key ingredient to your new daily diet and exercise routine.

I invite you to come on a journey with me to empower your own life adventure and an experiential ‘Body Mind Connection’ program. Exactly as you are today!


What People Are Saying

“We often hear about mindful eating, listening to your body, and the mind-body connection, but just how we do that is not explained.  This program gives step by step instructions and practices on how to listen to your body and make that connection.”

Holly Hewins

Retired Banker

“Working with Alana opened my eyes to insights about myself, and inspired me to become a certified Ayurveda specialist. I now have more awareness about what I put into my body and why. ”

Shannon Petch

Project Environmental Scientist at ERM Consulting and Engineering, Inc.

"The Body Mind Connection changed my life with the development of self-love. Alana’s teachings provided inspiration, calm, clarity and a lot of laughter."

Kathy Roth 

Trust and Estate Paralegal at McConville, Considine, Cooman & Morin, P.C.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Module 1

YOUR PERSONALIZED PROGRAM: Defining Your Goals and Setting Your Intention

This self discovery strategy session will define your distinct program purpose, whether focused on weight loss, weight gain, pain relief, overall fitness or enhanced mobility. From your list of goals, you will be able to craft a clear daily intention statement that will propel you on your new journey toward wellness.

In this module you will:

  • Identify your goals
  • Create a unique motivational statement or mantra
  • Begin the path to your desired physical state
  • Gain tools and knowledge to support you

Module 2

UNVEILING THE 7 W’s:  Navigating Your Distinctive Eating Styles

These are the core steps that will transform your overall well-being toward health, fitness, and happiness. You will discover the why’s and how’s of your eating habits, and begin your shift toward wholeness by inquiry and journaling. 

You will discover:

  • The 7 W’s to Determine Your Unique Eating Patterns
  • Why you respond to foods and the circumstances around them
  • A template to guide you every step of the way

Module 3

ELEVATE YOUR VITALITY THROUGH NUTRITION: Uncover Immune-Boosting Foods to Energize Your Life

We will  delve into a conversation about foods that support your well-being as well as those that potentially induce lethargy. You will acquire insights into diverse food groups and learn the art of choosing the most nourishing items to stock in your kitchen.

Here you will gain the information to:

  • Increase your vitality
  • Select foods rich in nutrients
  • Support your physical health

Module 4

THE EFFORTLESS EXERCISES FOR FITNESS: Simplifying Movements for a Healthier You


Curious about the calories burned during your walk from the parking lot to your workspace? It's similar to cycling! In this module, you will discover easy movements to invigorate circulation, and activate digestion.

In this module you will:

  • Discover an activity that excites you
  • Learn how many calories are burned during various activities
  • Be introduced to simple exercises that you can do anywhere anytime

Module 5

DANCE INTO WELLNESS: Rhythmic Moves for a Healthier You

One of the best ways to manage weight and boost endorphins is through dance. Regardless of how you look, the key is to get on your feet and move to the groove of your own soul. You will select a theme song to be your motivational anthem, serving as a driving force to attain and sustain your ultimate program goal.

Here you will:

  • Identify your motivational theme song
  • Learn a few steps on the dance floor
  • Increase endorphins toward happiness

Module 6

CONSCIOUS CUISINE: Nourishing Body and Mind through Mindful Eating 

Prepare to experience a taste like never before as you engage all of your senses to transform your eating experience. By slowing the pace of eating, you will naturally enhance the nutrient absorption in your body. You will recognize fullness sooner than you are accustomed to.

In this module we will explore:

  • The fine art of eating
  • Experiencing all of the senses
  • Bringing mindfulness to your daily diet

Module 7

AYURVEDIC WISDOM: Unveiling Your Unique Body-Mind Type

Ayurveda philosophy unravels the relationship between your mood, your appetite, and your environment. Decode the reasons behind your food preferences and comprehend your body’s responses to different nourishment in this illuminating quiz to identify your unique Body-Mind Type.

You will discover:

  • What your unique body-mind type is
  • How to nourish your specific needs
  • Enlightened self-discovery

Module 8

YOUR UNIQUE BLUEPRINT: Creating a Lifelong Plan to Wellness

Now is the time to transform these gems of knowledge and self-discovery into your unique wellness plan by incorporating the 7 W’s, your ideal style of physical activity, your unique body-mind type, and your commitment to self care. Seize the moment to shape a healthier and happier you by making every day count!  

In our final module you will:

  • Create your very own wellness plan
  • Celebrate the amazing person you’ve discovered that is you!
  • Prepare to continue your pursuit of overall well-being

More Praise For Alana

“This program helped me to better understand my eating patterns, and to become more active in my life. I now know that I love martial arts!”

Cait Chen 

Occupational Therapist, Room to Bloom Therapy

“Alana takes great care with her clients to get them thinking about how life and work can be balanced for every individual. She has kept me thinking about how to best take car eof myself, which turns into me using those tools for my career. I love how she sees the world in a soulful way.”

Jane Roberts

Manager, Administrative Support Team at ESL

Alana's programs help you to experience self-empowerment. She beautifully guides the path for all participants to learn and enjoy.

Lisa Gates

Art Director, Gates Graphix


A Transformational Course and a Community!

Welcome to a vibrant community with other like-minded individuals seeking to step into their beautiful healthy bodies and inspire their souls!

During our sessions we have the opportunity to support one another through active listening, and sharing. You may even find a workout buddy to support you on your journey. These connections can continue to develop in our discussion forum. 

As part of each week’s teachings, you’ll be invited to post your experiences and queries. It’s often through each other where we discover useful tips to apply in our lives.  Here you’ll receive inspiration not only from Alana but from your peers, too.


Join the conversation and learn from one another throughout the 8 week Body Mind experience!

Here’s What You will Receive in this Program

8 Module Online Program

You will be guided every step of the way with recorded coaching from author and teacher, Alana Cahoon, a well-known expert in wellness.

8 Training Videos 

Access to audio and video recordings at the program’s private website for you to view or download at your convenience.

Private Program Website

Easy access to many resources including downloadable pdfs, introductions, guided meditation recordings, and live training videos.

Private Facebook Group

Your place to share ideas and resources and stay connected. You will find the weekly Reflection Question posted here.

Invitation to Upcoming Programs 

Be the first to know when a new book launch, program or podcast is being featured. As part of the community, you will also be offered promotional rates!

Course Bonuses

20 Questions to Ignite Your Best Year

Unlock the potential of the new year with 20 thought-provoking questions to reveal your best self.

In this sought after tool, you will:

  • Ponder your year in review
  • Plan for the year ahead
  • Be in the present moment
Yoga Online Course

Are you curious about yoga? Interested in stretching your body? Strengthening your mind? Learn core asanas (poses) including their names.

You will gain FREE access to:

  • Video trainings
  • E-book
  • Private course site
Live In-person Group Session with Alana

We will have the opportunity to meet one another in person and receive live training.

This will provide the opportunity for you to:

  • Network and build community
  • Meet your teacher in person
  • Get inspired!
Expert Trainings

Learn from industry experts who are notable authors on weight loss, directors of studios, and owners of global health businesses.

You will:

  • Learn from esteemed experts in wellness
  • Gain tips on nutrition and weight management

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About Alana 


Mindfulness Coach Alana Cahoon is a master teacher of meditation, mindfulness and energy healing, as well as conscious leadership. She weaves a sense of calm and creativity into her coursework, offering participants the experience of freedom, relaxation, and fun!  With an open mind and an open heart, she guides everyone seamlessly through the program at their own unique pace, never missing the insights that may arise. 

Alana’s mission is to lead individuals on their path to self discovery, personal and professional development, and conscious leadership. Her unique style of tuning into your truth allows her to identify the obstacles getting in your way from your ideal career path, relationship or home.

She is the founder of Grow 2 B U, LLC where she has crafted signature programs to lead entrepreneurs and individuals across the globe on their paths to personal and professional transformation. Clients benefit from accessing her lifelong training in holistic health, creativity, and conscious leadership, to accessing their own inner wisdom, and apply it to all aspects of life, developing harmony and abundance in health, wealth, and happiness.


Ms Cahoon received her Bachelor's Degree in Theatre with studies in England. This took her to NYC where she performed, and initiated her studies in holistic medicine. She is a Karuna Holy Fire II Reiki Master Teacher and has trained, practiced, and taught extensively in Shaman Healing, Energy Balancing, and Meditation. She is a Certified Natural Health Professional with a focus in nutrition; a Yoga Teacher (500 hour);certified MBSR teacher; and is in her 6th year of training in Tibetan Buddhism. She is a professional singer/songwriter with music and guided meditations available online. She has also led one of New York’s first business incubators for technology startups.

Frequently Asked Questions

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