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Robust Online Course with Alana Cahoon,  Founder of Grow 2 B U, Host of Creating Abundance Podcast, and Bestselling Author of Mindfulness, Mantras & Meditations 

Discover the ‘3 Ways of Being’ for accessing your inner wisdom to live a life of clarity, vitality, and creative success.

You want to feel alive each and every day with a sense of freedom and purpose.

That’s your natural expression. Your birthright.

You want your life to flow with ease and grace, and trust that everything will be ok.

If you're like me you aspire to achieve balance in your personal and professional life. Making time for your health and fitness. Being recognized as a conscious leader. Nurturing your family and friendships.

Imagine being happy and financially flourishing, while expressing your creative nature.

You want all of the aspects of your life to be in harmony.

But the problem is you don’t have enough time, and the world is filled with uncertainty…that life feels overwhelming.

You feel a responsibility to take care of everyone and everything. At times this feels like a heavy burden to carry.

You may find yourself feeling paralyzed with over-responsibility, foggy and drained of energy.

This is not sustainable and you know it. It’s a downward spiral to burnout.

This could manifest in your life as work issues, dis-ease or even divorce.

In our 24/7 always-on culture, we’re led to believe that in order to succeed we have to work long hours in our profession and be 100% available to our family’s needs. This leaves little time for ourselves.

You may think that you have to be superhuman in order to experience peace, love and success.

You have to be ‘on call’ ALL the time to save your world.

I call this the Superhuman Syndrome. This is unrealistic, yet we still live by it.

But…there is a way out of this. It’s time to reconnect - to you.

The pathway out of overwhelm toward cultivating balance and greater ease in your life is all about coming home to you. This is about making you a priority – to taking better care of yourself – and tuning into your inner landscape/inner wisdom for the answers that will help you create balance inside and out.

This path is all about stepping out of the old story of the superhuman syndrome.

The highest level of our work is our inner work. It is this journey within that creates balance in the totality of our lifetime.

As you clear your inner world, your outer world lands into balance.

Imagine cultivating inner peace to reduce stress and anxiety. Here, you will quiet your mind, and go within to shift your sense of priorities with clarity.

This transformation is viable for you. I’ve guided many clients through it successfully.

That’s why I created the Creating Abundance while Being In Balance course, to help you navigate all the craziness of our modern, fast-paced world into a new way of being where you’re tapping into and trusting your inner wisdom for a life of clarity, vitality, and creative success.

In this 7 module online course you will discover how to prioritize your well-being, and bring balance back into your everyday life, creating a sense of inner peace & outer joy.

You’ll also learn how to set realistic boundaries on your time and energy reserve.

Throughout the course, I will be guiding you on your path of shifting outdated beliefs that no longer serve you to a creative, clear-minded and open-hearted way of living.

I promise you will create meaningful work, establish healthy boundaries, and trust in your self care. You will find time for yourself, and make your physical, emotional, and spiritual health a priority.

By the end of the course you’ll experience:

  • How to access your inner source of wisdom.
  • Clarity in living your life purpose intentionally and joyfully.
  • Increased vitality through self awareness, stress reduction and exercise.
  • The power of setting healthy boundaries around your time and energy reserve.
  • The magic behind the law of attraction and realization of your goals.

You will discover a powerful set of tools to bring balance and fulfillment into your everyday life, creating a sense of inner peace and outer joy.

In your newfound state of harmony, you will live intentionally, creating an abundance of health, wealth, and happiness.


I remember working in my fabulous office on another project. It felt great! Except for the fact that I was stressed out.

Burned out. Overwhelmed. Overstretched. 

What started out as occasional headaches turned into migraines. 

That queasy feeling inside my stomach turned into reflux disease.

And my back. It felt like I was carrying the world. Was I?  If I stayed on this path any longer, what was next?

I didn’t have the time to truly relax and enjoy my home and family. Quite the contrary. All I did was work there, too. I was on the go 24/7.

From meals to projects to deadlines. It seemed like my life was: work, eat, work, sleep, work, work, take care of everyone else, work…

I lost all sense of me and what I truly needed to be - healthy, balanced and happy.

What I eventually saw at my lowest moment was that inner harmony was the missing piece. Somehow I lost it along the way.

I realized then that the way out was to go with-IN.

Meditation, the tool I used throughout my earlier life, soon became my saving grace. Waking to positive affirmations, and going to sleep with prayer shifted my path back to my true self.

I began to set healthy boundaries, and created a meditation space in my home.

I learned how to work at a healthy pace with more depth of precision and creativity.

I played more often.

Before stepping in to take care of someone or something, I paused.

As I felt the wisdom within my heart begin to once again awaken, I was able to feel free to live a life of outer joy and balance.

Having done this work for myself and with my clients for the past 12 years, I have been inspired to continue guiding individuals to break out of the superhuman syndrome.

All the answers are here - within each and every one of us.

I invite you to join me and others around the globe to awaken your inner wisdom!  So that you can make wise decisions that will serve your highest good. This in turn serves everyone else’s highest good, too.





“I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking solutions to finding their inner peace, health, success and higher purpose in life. Creating Abundance while Being In Balance offers an enlightening and comprehensive platform to help you discover your soul purpose and to live a divinely-guided lifestyle. From setting daily intentions to experiencing self-empowerment, Alana beautifully guides the path for everyone to learn together.”

- April Folta Lara, Author / Speaker / Educator

“You will have no idea what kind of journey you will be on and the joy and benefits you’ll receive by working with Alana. The self discovery and self growth is amazing!  A huge transformation." 

- Kim Browne, Engineering Director, L3Harris

"Alana's Creating Abundance while Being In Balance program offers a very enlightening and comprehensive platform to help one discover their soul purpose and live a divinely-guided lifestyle. From setting daily intentions to experiencing self-empowerment, Alana beautifully guides the path for all online course participants to learn and enjoy together. 

I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking solutions to finding their inner peace, health, success and higher purpose in life."

- Lisa Gates, Art Director, Gates Graphix

“Alana takes great care with her clients to get them thinking about how life and work can be balanced for every individual. She has kept me thinking about how to best take care of myself, which turns into me using those tools for my career. I love how she sees the world in a soulful way.”

- Jane Roberts, Manager, Administrative Support Team at ESL 


MODULE 1: Intention Matters: Embodying Daily Intentions for Yourself to Live More Clearly

In this first module, we will get to the heart of the matter where you will discover the power of intention setting, and identify meaningful goals to focus on. You will experience the ability to clear your mind while opening your heart to bring forth a unique vision to create your authentic path.

You will discover:
  • How to create a powerful intention statement and set it in motion as your unique mantra
  • How to clear the mind and open the heart to access your inner truth
  • How to identify meaningful goals and empower them

MODULE 2: Destress for Success: Nurturing the Soul and Finding Peace Within to Express Total Balance

The answers are within each and everyone of us. We simply need to listen. But when there are constant demands on your time and energy reserve, the answers may become cloudy. By stilling the mind, and allowing the thoughts to settle, your inner wisdom and peace of mind are more easily attained.

In this session you will discover:
  • How to cultivate inner peace to reduce anxiety
  • How to create relaxing moments that will rejuvenate you to your soul’s full potential
  • How to identify the onset of stress and the tools to manage it

MODULE 3: Law of Attraction: Accumulating Wealth and Creating Abundance Naturally

You may think that if only you had enough money, everything else would be fine. While financial abundance doesn’t solve everything, it can make life more comfortable. In this module you will learn the subtle differences in your mindset, and how they contribute toward your financial success.

Here you’ll gain the tools to:
  • Create a money goal and align it with your soul’s purpose
  • Draw toward you the amount of money you’d like to have
  • Identify how increasing your wealth positively impacts not only you but those around you

MODULE 4: Be in Your Body: Increasing your Energy Reserve and Optimism Through Nutrition, Exercise and Yoga

Making time for your health and fitness often falls by the wayside, whether you’re skipping lunch or being a couch potato. In this module, you’ll discover how self love and acceptance builds self confidence.  This in turn affects your vitality and body image.

 In this module we’ll cover:

  • How to make your health a priority
  • Finding an activity that excites you
  • How nutrition increases vitality

MODULE 5: The Balancing Act: Juggling One Ball at a Time to Achieve Work-Life Balance (Protect Your Energy Bubble) 

Overwhelmed with juggling too many balls in the air? Whether you’re prone to multi-tasking or saying yes to everything, you will eventually burst your energy bubble. In this module, we'll discern which balls are most relevant in your life today.

You'll identify:

  • Whether your life/work activities are in alignment with your soul purpose and the goals you have created in this program
  • How to prioritize and be more selective with taking on new projects
  • How to protect your energy bubble
  • How to transform empathy into emotional intelligence
  • The fine art of delegating and letting go

MODULE 6: Meditate & Create: Activating Goals to the Next Level

Now that you’ve identified the top priorities in your life today, it’s time to clear away any obstacles that might be getting in your way. In this module we’ll identify the roadblocks between you and your desired goals and make these goals your priority.

 You’ll discover how to:

  • Identify blocks and their sources
  • Remove unhealthy attachments
  • See your goals in the light of day

MODULE 7: Integrate It All: Bringing Balance Back Into Your Life

It’s time to gather these gems together to create an effective plan of action to guide you toward your life of inner peace and outer joy.  You will gain the support of others to invest in yourself, and trust that your good fortune is everyone’s good fortune. 

 In this final module you will create a feasible plan that is uniquely your own, and have the opportunity to:
  • Share your plan with others
  • Set the law of attraction firmly in motion
  • Develop a mindfulness practice to support you on your path


"Alana's coaching practice has been invaluable in building my business and helping manage my work-family balance. She is patient, yet purposeful, and has opened my eyes to the extreme benefits of meditation, journaling and gratitude. This program shares these tools. I am forever indebted!"

-  Nancy Woolver, Financial Advisor, New York Life

“Manifesting my goals skyrocketed during the Creating Abundance while Being In Balance program. Within only 1 week, I lined up 8 new prospects!  All of our work together has helped me to build more meaningful relationships, especially with my daughter. I’m grateful.”

​- Anu Tanwar, Founder, Blended Care, LLC

"Feeling pretty UNSTOPPABLE – I meditate (almost) every day now. Nearly all of what I do each morning is based on what I learned from our time together in the seminars. ​THANK YOU"

- Darren Rysedorph, CEO, Sage IT Systems


"Creating Abundance while Being in Balance was a transformational experience for me. The practices Alana shared made me feel more confident at work and more peaceful at home. I learned so much from her and my classmates. I am thankful to have taken this course and to have Alana in my life."

- Diana Palotas, Director of Development, Lifespan


It’s more than a course. It’s a community!

Welcome to a vibrant community with other like-minded individuals seeking to bring balance back into their lives.

You will be a member in our Private Facebook Group. This will be your home for all ongoing connections with your peers taking the course during AND after the program. It’s a place to share ideas and resources and stay connected for practical and moral support.

This is a private Facebook group and is by invitation only for Creating Abundance participants.

VIP Members will also be invited to join our Abundance Mastermind Group led by Alana. During these sessions you'll have the opportunity to support one another through active listening, and sharing. These connections can continue to develop in our discussion forum.

Join the conversation and learn from one another throughout the Creating Abundance experience!



You will be walked through every step of the process toward creating a new path to freedom in your life.

You’ll be fully supported in this course through all the course materials including training videos, audio recordings, ebook, and documents.

7 Teaching Modules

Each module will guide you on your path to transformation where you will consciously create an abundance of health, wealth and happiness in your life. Alana guides you through each session, teaching you the tools to remove obstacles that may be getting in your way.

Using a step-by-step process, you will develop self awareness to make wise decisions, cultivate inner peace to reduce anxiety, and understand how to bring balance into your everyday life.  Each module is equipped with supportive documents and materials including downloadable videos, audios, and pdf's.

Access to our custom-designed, private and interactive course website

You’ll have access to all of the course materials and resources including videos, recordings, practices and reflection questions via our private, customized Course Website. This allows you to easily go back and reference the materials and the videos throughout this course.

7 tutorial training videos (one for each session) supplemental to teaching sessions


These supplemental videos are offered to you as additional support during the Creating Abundance while Being In Balance course. Each teaching module will be accompanied by a short video that is related to the practices being taught. These can be accessed in our course site.

Practices & Reflection Questions for each course session

Within each module you will be introduced to tools to practice throughout the week to deepen your understanding of the content. You’ll also be given a poignant question to reflect upon. This will be posted in our private communication group and open for discussion.

Private Facebook Community

This will be your home for all ongoing connections with your peers in the course during AND after the program. It’s a place to share ideas and resources and stay connected for practical and moral support.

This is a private Facebook group and is by invitation only for Creating Abundance participants.

Mastermind Group Coaching Sessions

For VIP Abundant Members only. This group coaching program offers you the opportunity to ask questions that often come up as you tap into your authentic nature. If you have concerns that come up along the way, these sessions will help you gain clarity and be more connected to the concepts in the course. These sessions meet the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of the month.


Expert Interviews ($497.00 Value)

I'm honored to have a group of very accomplished entrepreneurs and teachers to support us in this course by bringing their particular expertise to the table. It’s always powerful to get the deep insights and tips from a true specialist. We’ll be covering these additional important topics in these exclusive live sessions.

Meditation Made Simple - Mini Online Course ($297.00 Value)

With the many distractions in the 21st-century, sometimes it is challenging to simply be present. These can appear in forms like entertainment on the television screen, or social media posts on your phone, or connecting online via Zoom. The opportunities for distraction are endless!

Meditation can be your sanctuary, the place where you get centered, where you regenerate your energy reserve, where you access your inner source of wisdom.

This course is about introducing a variety of styles for you to explore so that you can discover which style is best for you at any given time.

It is great for both the beginner and advanced meditator alike.

Some of the benefits you may experience are feeling a sense of ease, calm, clarity, bliss, transcendence, and being grounded, centered or balanced.

Meditation Made Simple - Ebook (19.00 Value)

This holistic ebook offers both the beginner and practitioner a step-by-step guideline toward achieving balance in your everyday life through easy meditation and mindfulness techniques.  

  • Proper Sitting Techniques including Posture and Hand Positions
    • You will discover several sitting postures and techniques that support your practice bringing ease to your overall experience.
  • Foundation of All Meditations
    • Something as simple as the breath may come as a surprise to you! Alana explains how focusing on this one thing can bring you ease and grace into every moment of your life.
  • Step-by-Step Guided Meditations
    • Creative visualization is an effective tool to not only bring peace of mind but to create desired future realities. Ms Cahoon shares several fun and easy techniques to accomplish both.


  Here's a summary of what the 7 Module Program includes:

  • 7 Teaching Sessions with Alana
  • Private Course Website
  • Private Community Group
  • Weekly Exercises and Practices
  • Downloadable Course Materials
  • Audio + Video Recordings for All Sessions
  • ALL the Special Bonus Content
Single payment of $597
Three payments of $209 each
See our FAQ's below for more course information and click HERE for Terms & Conditions. 
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About Alana Cahoon


Mindfulness Coach Alana Cahoon is a master teacher of meditation, mindfulness and energy healing, as well as conscious leadership. She weaves a sense of calm and creativity into her coursework, offering participants the experience of freedom, relaxation, and fun!  With an open mind and an open heart, she guides everyone seamlessly through the program at their own unique pace, never missing the insights that may arise.

Alana’s mission is to lead individuals on their path to self discovery, personal and professional development, and conscious leadership. Her unique style of tuning into your truth allows her to identify the obstacles getting in your way from your ideal career path, relationship or home.
She is the founder of Grow 2 B U, LLC where she has crafted signature programs to lead entrepreneurs and individuals across the globe on their paths to personal and professional transformation. Clients benefit from accessing her lifelong training in holistic health, creativity, and conscious leadership, to accessing their own inner wisdom, and apply it to all aspects of life, developing harmony and abundance in health, wealth, and happiness.

Ms. Cahoon received her Bachelor's Degree in Theatre with studies in England. This took her to NYC where she performed, and initiated her studies in holistic medicine. She is a Karuna Holy Fire II Reiki Master Teacher and has trained, practiced, and taught extensively in Shaman Healing, Energy Balancing, and Meditation. She is a Certified Natural Health Professional with a focus in nutrition; a Yoga Teacher (500 hour); certified MBSR teacher; and trains in Tibetan Buddhism. She is a professional singer/songwriter with music and guided meditations available online. She has also led one of New York’s first business incubators for technology startups.